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LIFT is committed to offering the best learning experience for active and interested executives who need to understand future technologies fast. Visit the EVENTBRITE page for more details, or browse the current portfolio below:

Blockchain Fundamentals

A recommended starting point in your future technology learning and development. Blockchain Fundamentals is available in a range of delivery options.

This is a full day masterclass to explore the fundamentals of understanding Blockchain for use in business. It is designed for strategic middle and senior executives, not specialising in technology expertise but with a brief of, or contibuting to, organisational understanding of Blockchain technology and its use or potential use.

1. to develop a fundamental understanding of Blockchain Technology
2. for learners to be able to conceive of applications for Blockchain Technology within their organisations or divisions

For more details on the LEARNING OUTCOMES visit the EVENTBRITE page.

Delivery options


Ideal for up to 20 delegates and including multiple activities for a vibrant and immersive learning experience where LIFT experts deliver a full-day masterclass inside your organisation. Multiple learning outcomes develop knowledge and understanding, and key skills in your learners. This masterclass covers theory and application leveraging expert knowledge in both blockchain technology and higher education teaching.


Ideal to deliver focused and responsive learning for up to 6 key staff. The mini-masters is a half-day intensive learning experience. Delivered by two experts, this is deep-dive and responsive, real-time directed learning matched to individual requirements. It includes theory and application of blockchain technology using active learning methods dsigned specifically for highly engaged adult learners.

Open Masterclass

Ideal for the individual learner. Join a broad range of delegates in the open version of the in-house masterclass.

The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

A half-day masterclass designed to immerse learners in the current cryptocurrency ecosystem, without advocacy or bias towards trading. A great, stress-free learning environment designed to build recognition and understanding fast.

Advanced Blockchain Technology

A half-day masterclass taking learners from Blockchain Fundamentals on a deeper learning journey behind the coding of blockchain technology. This session is led by a blockchain programming expert who is active on bitcoin, ethereum, and private blockchains.


A half-day masterclass aimed at learners either wanting to understand or develop an initial coin offering.